Common Radio Frequencies Used By Centralia ARES

Centralia Amateur Radio Emergency Services uses several specific amateur radio frequencies during training exercises as well as during actual emergencies. They are:

Description Frequency
K7CEM Repeater: 145.490 -600 offset PL Tone 110.9
BawFaw Repeater: 147.060 +600 offset PL Tone 110.9
Capitol Peak Repeater: 145.470 -600 offset PL Tone 100
CVARS Repeater: 145.430 -600 offset PL Tone 110.9
Centralia ARES #1: 146.540 simplex
Centralia ARES #2: 146.460 simplex
Centralia ARES #3: 145.670 simplex
440 Repeater: 442.050 PL Tone 103.5
440 #2: 446.000 Simplex
440 #3: 445.800 Simplex

Where possible, you should program each of these frequencies into your radio’s memory mode.

The K7CEM VHF repeater is the Centralia ARES primary radio frequency however the ARES simplex frequencies may also be used during drills and emergency situations. K7CEM will be used for team members to communicate directly with the EOC while simplex frequencies may be assigned for scheduling, receiving directions, etc. Team members should know how to program both the repeater frequency and a simple simplex frequency into their radios. During emergency situations or when deployed into other districts, you may need to program a different frequency into your radio.

The Capitol Peak Repeater and the Bawfaw Repeater are used for longer distance communications. During training drills, meeting check-ins and local emergencies, the K7CEM repeater or one of the three simplex frequencies will be used locally.

For those with 440 Mhz capability, we use the K7CEM 440 repeater and / or the two simplex 440 Mhz frequencies.