Associate Professor Pat Pringle To Discuss Earthquakes At April 6th Training

You won’t want to miss Professor Pringle’s discussion about earthquakes at our next training session on Monday, April 6th.  Professor Pringle, who teaches Earth Sciences at Centralia College holds a masters degree in Geology and spent 23 years working for the Washington Department of Natural Resources.  He was among the experts to brief Gov. Locke after the 2001 Nisqually earthquake and has served on the Volcanic Hazards Team at the US Geological Survey Cascades Volcano Observatory.  He is the author of two geology books on Mt. St. Helens and Mr. Rainier.  His main courses of study are earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides and debris flow.

We will be meeting at the Emergency Operations Center at City Hall.  Net check in at 6:15pm.

Comm II’s Decals And Lettering Are Done!

We’re nearing the finish of our year-long communications van project.  Last May, Centralia ARES took possession of a “slightly used” blue box van as a one year project for the team.  Now, we are almost done.  Some minor touchup painting to do and a Linex roof coating is about all that is left.  Centralia Police Department furnished the lettering.  Riverside Fire and Centralia Police furnished most of the decals.  She is looking good!DSC03361 DSC03364

Anytone Tech Radios – a new concept in Emcomm Radio

featured-image-anytone-1140x641 The new Anytone Tech radios have just been released.  These may prove to be an interesting addition to Emcomm communications.  The Termin-8R receives on SIX BANDS!   Receives on FM broadcast bands, AM broadcast bands, shortwave (no SSB), aircraft bands, can transmit and receive on VHF and UHF ham bands, business bands, GMRS and MURS frequencies. It provides full duplexing and the radio can supposedly be used as a cross band repeater with three power settings: 1 watt, 2 watt, and 5 watts.  Price for the Termin-8R around $140.