Earthquake Presentation Appreciated

At Monday evening’s Amateur Radio Emergency Services meeting, a packed crowd enjoyed a presentation on Earthquakes in Washington State from Centralia College’s Professor Pat Pringle.  Pat is an award winning author and presenter with many years working as a geologist in our state.

The Emergency Operations Center was filled with team members, visitors and Lewis County ARES team members as well.  A great selection of snacks and coffee made the evening even more special.  Professor Pringle led us through a video presentation explaining the earthquake hazards on our coastline, in the Columbia River Gorge, through central Washington and even talked about a regional fault that runs through Chehalis and the small community of Doty.

Professor Pringle’s ongoing research into past Tsunamis and large earthquakes was very interesting as he described how the dating of tree rings and tsunami debris can narrow down a 300 year old Tsunami to nearly the very hour it occurred!  More sobering was his explanation of the “Mega” quake potential that is present just off the Washington coast.  This disastrous event is way overdue and certainly reminds us that our ongoing disaster training is important to our community.

Professor Pringle and Centralia ARES team member Dave Ross discuss earthquakes
Professor Pringle and Centralia ARES team member Dave Ross discuss earthquakes

James, AE7TF, Displays Amateur Radio At The New Adna Fire Station

I had the opportunity to tour the new Fire District 6 station at Adna yesterday.  The station is located on Dieckman Road just up form the Adna Elementary School.  I got a wonderful tour from Chief Kinder who proudly walked me through the facility.  The station is also set up as a shelter – plans that came together after the devastating flood that took much of downtown Adna.  The station is located high on a hill, so no flood issues here.  The station generator is capable of providing power to the facility for 30 days continuously and there is plenty of room in the truck bays or training room to house Adna residents after a disaster should it be needed.  There is even room for a helipad next to the station.  This is a nicely equipped station.

James, AE7TF, spent the afternoon explaining the Amateur Radio station built into the fire station’s radio room.  A beautiful setup in a nice lock box with lots of room to work and spread out necessary documents.  The station can easily hit all the area repeaters and James was working on some packet messages as well.

James, AE7TF at the radio desk within the new Adna fire station.

Congratulations to Fire District 6 and Chief Kinder for a beautiful new addition to Adna’s response area and to James who took the opportunity to talk to nearly everyone who passed through the station about amateur radio and its emergency communication capabilities.  Great job!20150329_144656