Wildfire Danger Arrives Early This Year

In our county in Western Washington everything is green as spring has arrived in full force, yet the Lewis County Fire Marshal has enacted an outdoor burning ban for all of unincorporated Lewis County, after a week of higher than normal temperatures.  We tend to think of Western Washington as humid and wet.  Our “normal” fire danger period usually doesn’t  raise its ugly head until August – and then for just a month or so.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to create a fire danger once a week or so of warm weather arrives.

Lucky for us, a rain pattern is predicted for later this week.  Even so, the burn ban is expected to last until Friday, April 23rd.  Please do your part to keep everyone safe.  Burn bans are not issued lightly.  Much thought goes into that decision prior to issuing it to the public.  Let’s all help keep Washington Green!