February 16, 2017 Training Exercise

Our next training date will be Monday, January 16th.  This will be an indoor / outdoor shelter exercise.  We will test the Alert Sense notification system which will ask you to deploy to the Mt. View Baptist Church, 1201 Belmont Street in Centralia.  This church is located across from  Arby’s restaurant behind the Country Cousin Restaurant.  Please be on site by 6:30 pm.

We will spend approximately one hour evaluating this church building as a potential shelter location.  We will then move on to the Immanuel Lutheran Church, 1209 N. Scheuber Rd. also in Centralia for the same purpose.  If possible, know how to get to these two churches prior to training.  We will be using these locations several times in the next few months.

Note:  we will be inside and outside of these facilities.  Dress for the weather.

Required equipment: Handheld radio (HT), go-bag and ARES vest.  Your go bag should contain items normally stocked for short deployment within the city limits.

As a reminder, if you must miss this training exercise, you will need to contact Bob or one of the AEC’s to arrange for update training prior to the February 6th ARES Training.  Each training session builds on the next so it is important that you know the information presented.  Thank you.