2015 Field Day Approaching

Field Day Logo

The 2015 ARRL Field Day event is quickly approaching.  Centralia ARES, Lewis County ARES and the Chehalis Valley Amateur Radio Society will, once again, be jointly hosting Field Day at Borst Park in Centralia.  This beautiful site, beside the lake and surrounded by huge antenna poles (some call them trees) is welcoming and brings in the curious and kids alike.

Set up for Field Day will begin at 5pm Friday, June 26th at the park.  We will position vehicles, erect antennas, run coax, prepare the shelter and picnic tables and set up the solar systems and generators.  We can get most of this done, including the 15 meter tower in a couple of hours.

Saturday we go on the air at 11am.  Helpers should arrive earlier to assist with last minute details.  It appears we will be operating as a “5 Foxtrot” event this year.  This means we will have five amateur radio stations operating and will fall within the Emergency Operations Center category.  We will be operating voice, digital and some CW. We may even hunt down an elusive satellite contact.  A hidden transmitter hunt will occur at around 3pm so bring your HT’s.  The hidden transmitter’s frequency will be 146.565 simplex so program it in now. The much anticipated potluck dinner is scheduled for 5pm.  Thanks to Chehalis Valley Amateur Radio Society for providing the hamburgers and hotdogs.

Operations will continue through the night until 11am Sunday when we will begin to take down all equipment.  If you are responsible for a radio, antenna, coax or a computer please remember to bring them.  Logging computers should have the N3FJP field day logging software installed.

This year we will be using three Centralia Police Department vehicles, the newest being our own Amateur Radio Emergency Services communications van – Comm II.  Come to Field Day and see how this year long communications van project turned out.

Field Day is THE place to come if you are curious about amateur radio, are new to the hobby or have questions about how to set up an amateur radio station or antenna.  There is always someone willing to take the time to visit with you and show you around.  Want to try your hand at operating a radio?  This is the place but even if you are shy and don’t want to talk on a radio come and feel the energy when emergency communications takes to the air!  Everyone is welcome.

Great Turnout A This Year’s SeaPac Convention

20150606_13350120150606_13282920150606_133314Beautiful weather made travel to SeaPac enjoyable, while a little marine layer kept the convention site a little cooler.  Teresa, Linc and Chuck worked a couple of the security shifts at the event.  Jim Pace worked the ARRL desk, Bill, Lyle and I just walked the aisles touching the expensive stuff we couldn’t afford which included the very expensive ICOM radio with gold plated knobs. (Lyle and I did touch it so we could say we had our hands on it!)  A surprise guest was Merle Olmsted who has come from Kentucky the last few years to help out at Field Day.  This year he is came a few weeks early and decided to visit SeaPac instead.  Great to see Merle and talk with him.

Centralia’s Summerfest & July 4th Downtown Parade

Centralia ARES has been asked, once again, to participate in this year’s 4th of July Summerfest celebration and the downtown parade.  The Summerfest celebration, held in Borst Park, is best described as a “community party”.  Free pancake breakfast early followed by games, music and fun.

The ARES team provides a visible presence during the event, walking through the park answering questions, directing people to various game areas, helping with lost children or first aid needs.  For this event, arrive at the park at 9am and dress for the weather.  You will need your ARES vest and HT radio.  Check in at the CPD van(s) near the lake where we do Field Day.  We will be needed at the park until about noon.

We will have time for a break and some lunch then we will assist with the downtown July 4th parade.  Communications will be set up near the post office.  Again, dress for the weather and wear some sort of identification vest and you will need your HT.  Please be in the area and check in by 3:30pm.  Parade starts at 4:00pm.  You will be assigned to a parade route location and we are asked to help keep everyone, especially the kids who lunge for candy, safe.  For some reason, these parade days seem to be warm.  Consider a hat and bring some water.

CVARS and Lewis County ARES hams are very welcome to participate.  We can use your help and you get a very up close and personal view of the parade.  We will be using either the K7CEM ARES repeater frequency ( 145.490, -600, pl 110.9) or our ARES simplex #1 frequency (146.540 simplex).