Happy Independence Day!

In beautiful, historic Centralia, the ARES team started early this Independence Day by delivering the police department’s communications vehicle and our own ARES Comm II to Borst Park for the annual Summerfest celebration.  Kids, games, food and wonderful teamwork made it fun.  At 1:30pm, we transitioned the vehicles downtown to serve as the command and communications center for the Independence Day parade.  It is always heartwarming to see America join together to celebrate.  Great parade in difficult heat but we came through it keeping everyone safe once again.

Thanks to all the ARES team members, firefighters, police officers and our military who worked this day to keep our communities safe.  You really do make a difference.

Have a safe and happy 4th!


July 4th Summerfest in the Park and Parade

It is nearly July 4th and time for Centralia to celebrate!  Activities begin with Summerfest in Borst Park.  Games, activities, free pancake breakfast, displays AND Centralia Amateur Radio Emergency Services !  What more could you ask for?  ARES team members will be in the park from 9am – noon.  You will see them walking through the park helping with directions, lost children, information and generally being a visible presence.  Comm II, our new communications van will be there as well right alongside the police department’s display.  If you are working the Summerfest event, arrive at the park just before 9am.  Wear your ARES vest, bring your HT and dress for the weather.  We will complete activities at noon so we can take a break before the parade.

The Centralia downtown 4th of July parade begins at 4pm and should run to about 5:30pm.  If you will be working the parade this year, check in with the ARES Comm II van, which should be parked near the Post Office on Locust Street, by about 3:30pm.  Wear your ARES vest or some sort of emergency vest, bring your HT and dress for the weather.  The weather tends to turn warm later in the day so you may want to bring water and a snack.  Parade frequency for the day will be 146.540 simplex as our primary with 446.000 simplex as a backup.  Your job during the parade will be to keep the kids, who traditionally run into the street to retrieve candy thrown by the parade participants, from harms way.  You will be placed at strategic intersections when you check in.  The day can be long and sometime hot but your time is greatly appreciated.

See you on the 4th!

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