July 3rd ARES Training

The next scheduled ARES training will occur on Monday, July 3rd.  Training will be held at Riverside Fire Station #2, 1818 Harrison Avenue in the training room located at the rear of the station.  Net check-in will start at 6 pm with training to follow at 6:30 pm.

Training will begin with a tour of the fire department’s aid car, its equipment and how their medics are trained.  Next, we will finalize July 4th & Summerfest celebration plans that includes an ARES team presence at both Fort Borst Park and later in the day at the downtown parade.

As our training exercises, based around a simulated oil train derailment and explosion, continue we will spend some additional time on daytime & nighttime helicopter landing zone operations.  Riverside Fire Chief Mike Kytta and Airlift Northwest have provided some updates to our training information and have suggested some additions to our training exercises.  We will discuss those changes and will put them into place later in July.

Finally, we will be spending a little time practicing our net control procedures.  Many of our new members have not experienced net control operations in our local environment.  We’ll discuss how they work, how the information flows and practice a few techniques.  We will end the evening  with a debrief at the Dairy Queen.

For this training period, you will need your identification & vests,  field resource manuals and your HT’s.  Remember, entrance to the training room at Riverside Fire is at the back of the station.


2017 Field Day – Update

More than once, during past years, Field Day was held in the pouring down rain.  It is, after all, the Pacific Northwest.  Other years have been beautiful.  Field Day 2017 looks to be perhaps the hottest field day so far.  Temperatures for set up on Friday will be around 83 degrees with Saturday temps rising to 91 and Sunday to a possible 97 degrees!

Below is the Field Day schedule as of this time:

Friday:  Field Day set up starting at 5:30 pm.  Meet at Borst Park, Shelter #1 where we will place equipment and vehicles, set up wire antennas, set up radio equipment and raise the 15 meter tower and beam.

Saturday:  Breakfast at 8 am (provided by LC ARES Bill Harwell) (and some of Evelyn’s great cinnamon rolls).  Finish setting up all equipment prior to going on the air at 11 am.  Hidden transmitter hunt at 3 pm (bring your HT).  Potluck and hamburger/hot dog dinner to begin around 5:30 pm.

Sunday:  Breakfast at 8 am (provided by LC ARES Bill Harwell) (and some of Evelyn’s great cinnamon rolls).  Continue radio contacts until 11 am.  After 11 am, take down of all equipment and head for home.

Safety note:  There will be plenty of water in the cooler on site throughout the weekend.  Take time to hydrate yourself thoroughly and often.  Dress for the weather.  Sunscreen and a hat might also be a good idea.  If the temperatures are too warm for you, feel free to go home.  Take care of yourself and watch for symptoms of heat issues among others.  This event should be fun and is not supposed to be dangerous.

June 19th ARES Training

Our next Amateur Radio Emergency Services training will be on Monday, June 19th.  We will meet in Fort Borst Park at or near shelter #1 where next weekend’s Field Day event will take place (shelter #1 is next to the lake in Borst Park which is next to the freeway).  Net check in will begin at 6 pm with training to begin at 6:30 pm.

We will spend some time going over July Summerfest activities as well as Field Day operations and timelines.  Please make sure you watch the “Unprepared” video and the Boston Marathon net control audio clip sent earlier as we will discuss them.  Part of Monday evening will deal with net control operations for our team as well as exercise scheduling for the summer.  Finally, we will talk about what a 48-72 hour go-bag might look like specifically for Centralia ARES deployment – especially as it pertains to our current oil train disaster training.

Bring your standard training supplies: go-bag, HT, field resource manuals and vests.  Bring a folding chair as there will be limited seating and dress for the weather.


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