Thanks To TwinStar Credit Union

Major Funding Provided By TwinStar Credit Union

The team managed to get everything done on our newest communications van, Comm III, in order to take both vans to the April Communications Academy in Seattle but, as always seems the case, there is still more to do before it is ready for deployment so work continues.  One of the items we’ve looked forward to completing on this project is the placing of our sponsor decal and now it too can be checked off the list.

Several years ago, the Centralia Amateur Radio Emergency Service team built its first communications van using only volunteer time and volunteer money.  It was a slow process because we built and installed as funds allowed.  With our newest communications van project, we asked for financial help and found it in TwinStar Credit Union here in Centralia.  Jon Brein, the Branch Manager, listened to our needs and said he could help.  Amazingly, what was initially a request for $1,500 turned into TwinStar’s approval to fund the entire project.  Near Christmas, we were given a check for $6,350.

These last few months have been amazingly busy but we’ve had a wonderful time transforming a simple ex-military box van into a sophisticated all-purpose communications vehicle.  Next week, our newest van, along with our first van, will be deployed into the community on its first disaster communications exercise.  There are still a few things on the punch list to be completed but it is almost time to roll her out.

TwinStar Credit Union has been an amazing partner to work with.  They have been supportive and helpful with a “can do” attitude that makes things happen.  Our thanks, once again, go out to Jon Brein and the entire TwinStar Credit Union team for being so willing to help and support volunteer efforts in our community.