Thank You Volunteers!

April 15-21st, 2018 is National Volunteer Week in the United States.  Time to thank the hundreds of thousands of individuals that donate their time for causes they believe in and are willing to work for.  In Centralia, we are blessed with an amazing team of highly trained volunteers willing to support their community and the region where they call home.  Being a volunteer, especially an ARES volunteer, is not easy at times.  We work and train in bad weather, must spend our own money for equipment, vests, go-bags and radios, and always have to put up with cranky Emergency Coordinators.  Lucky for us, we have the best looking volunteers anywhere!

All kidding aside, thank you for all the hours you spend to be proficient in your hobby and for being the kind of volunteer any community could be proud to have.  Most of all, thank you for making what we do FUN.

Bob Willey, kd7own, Emergency Coordinator