Progress on Comm III

Paul, KE7PCB, installs the first decal

We are working hard to get our newest communications van, Comm III, ready to accompany Comm II to the Communications Academy in Seattle on April 14th.  In the last week, we’ve finished up on the HF screwdriver antenna system, installed the antenna pole cabinet, clock, divisional response map and notepad holder.  The HF tuner has arrived and is ready to install and the CB radio has arrived.  Desk chairs were placed into the van and the system to keep them securely in place installed.  Saturday, Dan Olmsted will arrive to help us install the battery system in Comm III and upgrade the same system in Comm II. These batteries are heavy and we really appreciate Dan’s help.

The full decal package recently arrived.  While the Centralia City Shop has volunteered to place the decals on the vehicle next week, we talked Paul, KE7PCB, into attempting the smallest and least expensive decal on the back door and he did a great job.  While at the shop next week, new vehicle batteries and a replacement mirror are on the schedule as well.

Next week should see all radio systems installed and the probable completion of our last, and largest, storage cabinet.  Once that is in place, we can finish the first aid kit and flashlight holder placement as well as the back door fire extinguisher and grab handles.  We’re certainly nearing the finishing line and it will be a race all the way to the end, but we have dedicated volunteers willing to help.  If you’re planning on attending this year’s Communications Academy in Seattle, stop by the vehicle displays and say hello.  We may not have the million dollar emergency van, but we are proud of all the sweat and tears that have gone into our vans.