Comm III Work Party

Skip, K1HEK, muscling screws into the walls
Alex, KI7PAZ, showing off his measuring & cutting skills.

After a well attended brunch at Judy’s Country Kitchen today, eight “skilled” carpenters descended on the  Mellen Street Police & Fire Training Center to measure, cut and install wall boards in our newest communications van, Comm III.  The van, originally with bare metal walls and floor, received a plywood coating to the floors a week ago.  Today, it was all about walls.  Installing pre-painted plywood to the walls will make it much easier to mount bulletin boards, white boards, clock, maps and other equipment and, more importantly, will make Comm III look nicer when finished.  Installing walls inside a metal van, is easier said than done, however.  Straight lines?  Nope!  Three to four full sized pieces of plywood had to be cut, fitted, and usually cut again before screwing them onto the metal walls of the van.

Creating magic in the large vehicle bay at the Police/Fire Training Center.

As you can see by the intricate cutting of the piece Alex Galloway, KI7PAZ, is holding, it can take while to correctly place even smaller pieces when sheathing walls around wheel wells, gas tanks and heaters.  Skip Kingman, K1HEK, a prospective new member, certainly earned his way onto the team today with his carpentry skills.  Today was all about teamwork.  Helping with the project was:  Alex, KI7PAZ, Skip, K1HEK, John, AD7KT, Paul, KE7PCB, Loyann, W7LOY, Lyle, KB7PI and Bob, KD7OWN.  Many thanks to everyone who gave of their time, once again, to create the magic that becomes a completed ARES communications vehicle.